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Different Ways to Protect Your Car’s Engine

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Your car is going to have a longer lifespan and will serve you in a better way if you take care of your car’s engine. The engine needs to run in a smooth way so that your car continues to move and cover more mileage. For this, you have to make sure that your car’s engine stays in good condition. This is how it will get you a better drive and will stay in top shape.

It is obvious that you are supposed to take your car for an oil change, tune it up, replace the spark plug, and so on. In short, you should take care of your car’s maintenance and take it regularly to a technician near you. Also, make sure you take care of the fluid levels in your car. Some major fluids that you should take care of include:

  • The coolant
  • The transmission fluid
  • The brake fluid

These fluids are very essential to take care of as they can keep everything running smoothly. The car’s engine is designed to manage variations in speed that take place on the road. It does not matter that you come across a deer on the road and you suddenly have to slow your car down. Your engine can stand sudden movements.

You can learn about cars and the way they work using different videos on YouTube like those of Supercar Blondie and different TV programs like Top Gear and many others. You can ask Spectrum Customer Service representatives if Spectrum offers channels that air these programs on Cable TV. For now, let’s get you through the basics of maintaining your car and protecting the car’s engine:

Get Your Car a Regular Oil Change

This is the first move you should make to make your car healthy. You can easily go for a regular oil change and this does not require you to do much. The oil works as a lubricant for your car’s moving parts and makes sure there is minimal friction inside the engine.

Apart from that, the oil traps all kinds of dust, dirt, and other impurities that might corrode within your car’s engine. This process deters the transmission of fluid. Therefore, it is a good idea that you check for your car’s oil on a monthly basis and refill it if it is low.

Avoid Using Your Car on Reserve Fuel

It is important that you note that petrol has sediments that get settled at the bottom of the fuel tank. A layer of debris starts to build up after you run your car on it for years. Therefore when you drive your car on low fuel, the debris enters the fuel pump and causes some major wear and tear. Avoid running your car on reserve fuel and top up your tank rather than paying for repairs every now and then.

Look out For Any Possible Leakages

It is always a good idea to stop and look back at the floor of your pathway or the parking area for any stains of fluid or any other spots of oil on the ground. In case you find them somewhere you have parked your car, it means there is a leakage somewhere in your car. Call a mechanic to fix this problem as soon as possible and get it repaired.

You can check under the hood to see if there is a sign of any leakages. If you successfully find a leak, then it might be anti-freezing the engine oil. Identifying leakages is also important because whenever there is a leak, your fuel consumption increases. It is a good idea to check out the coolant and the oil levels and top it off.

Check Air Filters and Keep Them Clean

Your car’s engine needs oxygen and air just like humans need it. If you think there is a shortage of power or the fuel is not burning appropriately, you should check to see if your car has constricted airflow. If that is the case, you need to get your car’s filter cleaned. Also, you can get it replaced whenever you can find an excessive amount of debris stuck on the filter.

Have a Look at the Belts

A car’s belts are the life and soul of your engine as they are the ones that are running everything inside including the fan to the water pump. Their function in your car depends on the car you have. But the belt of the car has common jobs like running the AC unit.

If one of the belts of your car is broken, your car is going to get damaged to a considerable extent. It can affect the performance of other parts too, so it is a good idea to get it repaired as soon as possible.


In the end, one can say that your car can have many problems that we have not discussed here. Keeping your car up and running will require you to take care of the basic issues and address them as soon as you figure out anything unusual in your car. This can cost you some money. But going for repairs will help you get your car to perform better on the road.

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