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The Technical Characteristics of Bitu Terazzo Asphalt Screed

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The term of asphalt screed is getting more and more popular nowadays. That is because a lot of people are using this kind of flooring for their commercial building. As a matter of fact, there are tens of big companies in the area of Europe with the specialization of the ground poured asphalt screed. Even though, there is one special name that you might want to consider if you are looking for the asphalt screed for the flooring of your commercial building. It is Bitu Terazzo. This company is considered as one of the best companies if you need the poured asphalt screed for your commercial building. That is because this company gives you these technical characteristics for the asphalt screed for your commercial building needs.

High Resistance of Abrasion

One problem that many people have to deal with the asphalt pouring is the abrasion. For those who worry about that, there is nothing that you need to worry anymore. That is because this company gives you the perfect agents to hard bond the poured asphalts. That means this company gives you the asphalt screed with the high abrasion resistance. It is true that there is still a chance for the flooring to be abrasion a bit. Even though, it is better than the other products are. So, you do not need to worry about abrasion anymore.

Real Tightness

Some of you might have seen the asphalt flooring with a lot of gaps. The meaning of gaps is that the surface is not that smooth, and it feels like a bit rough. That is because the asphalt pouring is not good, and the tightness level is considered as something quite low. Fortunately, when you are dealing with Bitu Terazzo, you will not find that kind of problem. This company gives you a real tightness. This will waterproof the floor in your commercial building. As a matter of fact, the result will also be practically water vapor proof and gas-proof.

Nice Thickness

Since you are using the special kind of flooring for the building, this company gives you the options to choose the perfect thickness based on your budget. However, you will not find the kind of thickness that is not good for them. It is because Bitu Terazzo offers you the different thickness starting from 3 cm to 4 cm. that is the overall standard that they have for the nice poured asphalt screed that they usually have for the buildings.

No Odor

If you have seen people pouring asphalts on the street and you think that is very smelly, you need to know this last thing. It is about the odor of the asphalt when they are pouring the asphalt screed. This company is quite amazing because they give you the odorless asphalt screed during the process of pouring. That means if you have problems with the odor of the asphalt, you will not have problems with them. That is because they are with you when it is something related to the odor of the asphalt.

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