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Tips for Shopping for a Laminated Postcard

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Laminated Postcard

Before a person decides to purchase a laminated postcard, they should look at several things. If your company creates custom postcards, it might be time to invest in lamination if you have gotten to the point where your company creates custom postcards. Here are some things to look for when laminated postcard printing:

Paper Quality

The paper quality will determine how much protection the laminated postcard has and how good it looks. If one wants their postcard to be protected from water damage or other damage such as tears and creasing, they must ensure that their paper is high enough in quality to achieve this goal. Higher quality paper will feel thicker and more durable than lower quality papers may be prone to get ripped and torn more easily.

Image Quality

The postcard should have a high-resolution print so that the images are clear and nice to look at. Suppose the person chooses to purchase a customized version of their postcard. In that case, they must ensure that their image looks good with the background color choice because if there are too many different colors in an image, it may be hard for them to distinguish fine details in the picture.

Postcard Lamination

The lamination will not only protect against water damage but will also keep dirt from getting onto their postcards, as well as outside elements such as fading due to sunlight exposure. The type of laminate one has on their postcards determines how much protection is given. For example, if someone were to choose a gloss finish, it would make the postcard more resistant to dirt and water, but this also means that if something were to scratch it, then the scratches would be more noticeable.

Postcard Customization

If a person would like their card to be personalized somehow, they must look for one of these cards with customization built into them. Some postcards may show where a person can write directly onto the postcard or stamp their address. This is helpful for those who are not looking to purchase envelopes since it saves them money.

Almost everybody receives advertisements daily, but only some read them and take action. Laminating a postcard is a great way to protect your business’s advertising.

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