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Why Consider Document Destruction

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Many companies offer document destruction or shredding services. Some trash and recycling companies provide this type of service. Marion County Recycling gives you the ability to have your documents destroyed. This is a critical service today because identity theft is rising. When you shred your documents, you keep them all, including confidential ones, safe and secure. Many people save their paper tax returns in case they are audited.

Even if they were filed electronically, many people choose to keep a hard copy. After three years, you can safely shred the documents without worry. Bank statements, credit card bills, and utility bills should all be shredded. You would be surprised at what a fraudster can do with that information. You should even shred credit card offers for which you do not intend to apply. Even if you have not filled in any information, a thief can do a lot of harm with the data they contain. If you have any canceled or voided checks, you want to shred those. Even if the check has been voided, your account information is still on it. You want to shred and destroy anything that contains any personal information about you.

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